Copenhagen - A Weekend In Pictures

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Copenhagen is a city we have wanted to visit for a long time, not only for the food, but to emerge ourselves in the laid back culture. We adored the architecture, people, cycle culture, wine bars and caf├ęs of the city. The following picture post captures the colourful nature of the city.

On our first night, after a wander around the city, we found a great wine bar, called Vino Vino on the outskirts of the down town area. They even offered a wine buffet. Dangerous, to say the least.
Possibly the most iconic and photogenic distract of Copenhagen. 

Our favourite spot in the entire city was this beautiful corner red bricked building, which housed quite possibly the best wine bar we have ever visited. Ved Stranden 10 is situated on the banks of the sunny canal in the old part of the city.

The staff were helpful and recommended these three great wines. The manager even gave us a slice of cake from his lunch. The atmosphere was lively and the wine stock was impressive to say the least.

The impressive colours within the centre of the city.

The banks of the canal house some older large warehouses which have been renovated to the highest of standards. A great place to cycle and enjoy the architecture of the city.

The impressive modern buildings which surround the city feature in this post, primarily because we were in awe at the cityscape.

The side canal beside the famous Noma, 108 and Paper Island is simply picturesque. 

Den Vandrette is another wine bar we tried out, its location is perfect being right beside the Nyhavn. The photographs below convey the diverse nature of the city.

 Edvard Eriksen's famous bronze little mermaid statue, glistening in the sun.

The Toldboden, situated a few hundred metres down from the little mermaid statue, houses feasts for all occasions, from brunches to champagne tastings. a true taste of Copenhagen.

 The impressive opera house of the city.

Unique buildings.

We were highly impressed with the Cykelslangen, or Cycle Snake, which is an elevated bicycle lane which seamlessly connects the highway and the harbour bridge. This means pedestrians can safely carry on their journey below without frustrations arriving. 

Our wonder through the free town of Christiania was very interesting. The area was established in 1971 by a free group who took over the abandoned army barracks. Later in 2012, the Foundation Freetown Christiania, was founded, where the foundation own the entire area. 

Tivoli Gradens occupies an are in the heart of the city, and is the second oldest operating amusement park in the world. It is said that Walt Disney, used the idea in the design of his successful parks.

The botanic gardens is a place we spent a part of one of our last days, a peaceful place to relax. As you can see we undeniably enjoyed the city of Copenhagen, we may go as far as saying it is our favourite in Western Europe.